104. What is the meaning of the word Inshallâh?

In šāʾ Allâh (Arabic: إن شاء الله ), is often romanized as Insha’Allâh or Inshallâh. Most Muslims add to their statements about what they intend to do in the future the word ‘Inshallâh’ meaning, ‘if Allâh wills it or Allâh willing or with Allâh’s permission’. Most Muslims are continually conscious of Allâh’s guiding hand in their lives. Sometimes this word is used by Muslims in despair. They are not sure that Allâh will do anything to alleviate their plight and so they fatalistically declare ‘Inshallâh’. However the true meaning of the word Allâh is an acknowledgement of the sovereignty of Allâh over all things and a true Muslims only desires what Allâh wants for his/her life and this statement is acknowledging their submission to Allâh’s absolute authority.

Sometimes Muslims will also add the word ‘al hamdullâh’ or ‘al hamdoulah’ which means ‘Hallelujah’ or praise the Lord. The phrase literally means “praise be to God,” but is also used as a response to the question someone might ask and this adding of the word ‘al hamdullah’ means that everything is good, God being the reason why and therefore Allâh is deserving thanks. Muslims long for peace and goodness in their lives and these terms are an expression of their longing for Allâh’s blessing.