136. Are the historical matters in the Bible accurate?

Yes, the Bible is accurate and large portions of the Bible have now been proven to be historically accurate through recent archaeological discoveries. The following is a list of events and places substantiated by recent archaeology:

  1. The Great Flood – traces of a catastrophic flood under the desert sands dating to about 4000 B.C.
  2. Noah’s Ark – Fernand Navarra from France in 1955 discovered timber from the beam of a great ship embedded in solid ice on top of Mt Ararat. The timber was at least 4000 years old.
  3. The Kingdom of Mari – A kingdom from Abraham’s time, dug up in 1933 on the banks of the Euphrates.
  4. Lot’s wife and the judgement of Sodom – Pillars of salt at Jebel Usdum, the Dead Sea and the Great Fissure, and submerged forest in the Dead Sea.
  5. Details of seven years of famine during Potiphar’s reign when Joseph was in Egypt.
  6. A story in an Egyptian prince’s tomb of slave labour, plagues and a deliverer MS (Moses) found in bullrushes.
  7. Solomon’s copper mines rediscovered. Also his horse stables unearthed at Megiddo.
  8. The Dead Sea Scrolls – 1947 Qumran.

There are many more discoveries, but these are a few confirming the historic facts or scripture.