28. What were the miracles of Muhammed?

The Bible does not mention Muhammed and therefore it does not list any of his miracles. Muhammed was born 480 years after the time of the writing of the Bible had ceased.

The miracles of Muhammed are listed in Volume 1 of The Translation of the Meaning of the Hadith by Sahih Al-Bukhari – Arabic-English version. These miracles are attributed to the actions of Allâh. They are:

a) The Qur’an is a living miracle bestowed on the Prophet of Islâm

b) The splitting of the moon after the Meccans asked the Prophet of Islâm to show them a miracle and he showed them the splitting of the moon. Remember that the Meccans were moon worshippers so this has great significance for them. Hadith Vol. 4 No. 831

c) The crying stem of a date palm tree in the Prophet’s Mosque. The Prophet was in the habit of leaning against a date palm when delivering his Friday messages. His followers kindly made him a pulpit and when he started using it the date palm started crying such was its affection for the Prophet. The Prophet rubbed his hand over the date palm to show sympathy for it and to stop it crying. Hadith Vol 4 No. 783

d) Water flowing from among the fingers of the Prophet of Islâm. Hadith Vol 4 No. 779

e) The Prophet’s meals used to glorify Allâh while he ate. Hadith Vol. 4 No. 779

f) Stones used to greet the Prophet of Islâm whenever he passed by through the lanes of Mecca. No reference available.

g) The throwing out of a dead body of a Christian by the earth. There was a Christian who embraced Islâm and then converted back. Allâh caused him to die and the people buried him. The next morning he was found thrown up on the ground. They did this three times and his body was thrown up three times. Then they believed that what was done to him was not done by mankind and left his body on top of the ground. Hadith Vol 4 No. 814

h) The screening of trees when the Prophet of Islâm wanted to answer the call of nature. No reference available. i) The rising of water in the well of Hudaibiya after it dried up. Hadith Vol. 4 No. 777 j) The increase of the amount of dates in the garden of Jabir bin ‘Abdullah after the Prophet of Islâm prayed for an abundance of dates. Hadith Vol. 4 No. 780

k) The speaking of a wolf requesting food from a captured sheep to a follower a companion of the Prophet of Islâm, who after experiencing the miracle embraced Islâm. Hadith Vol. 8 page 23 l) The Ascent of the Prophet of Islâm to the heavens called the Miraj. Vol. 1 Hadith No 345 and Vol. 5 No 227