32. Is Isa the son of God?

In the Qur’an surah 3 Al ‘Imran verse 59 states that Allâh created Jesus like he created Adam. Allâh spoke the word and Jesus was created in the womb of Mary. Because Allâh created Jesus it is concluded that Allâh is the Father of Jesus and Jesus is Allâh’s son.

The Qur’an states in surah 5 Al Ma’idah verse 17 that ‘It is blasphemy to say that Allâh is Christ the son of Mary. Say: Then who has the least power against Allâh, if His Will were to destroy Christ the son of Mary and his mother and all – everyone that is on earth? For to Allâh belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth and all that is between he creates what He pleases, for Allâh hath power over all things.’

What can we conclude from these statements? Jesus and Adam had no earthly father. It is blasphemy to call Allâh as the same as Christ. It would appear that the Qur’an is saying that although Jesus is the Christ the son of Allâh and the son of Mary he is not Allâh. Maybe the meaning here is the same as the fact that I am not my father, but I am the son of my father? To say that I am my father would not be true, however much I am like my father.

In the Qur’an surah 3 Al ’Imran ayat 42 – 45 it states that Mary the mother of Jesus was the favoured one of Allâh and purified above all women of all nations. ‘Behold! The angels said: ‘O Mary, Allâh gives thee glad tidings of a Word from Him: His name will be Christ Jesus. The son of Mary held in honour in this world and the ‘Hereafter’ and the company of those nearest to Allâh.’

The Angel sent from Allâh instructs Mary to call her son conceived by Allâh’s miraculous Word, Jesus which means Saviour – One who saves people from their sins, and Christ which means Anointed One, meaning the one who is full of the Holy Spirit of God/Allâh. This Anointed One is the same title given to the Messiah. Some translations of the Qur’an state that Mary was told to call her son Jesus the Messiah. No matter how much you study this miraculous birth of Jesus the son of Mary you must come to the conclusion that Joseph was not his father because Mary was a virgin and God/Allâh is the One who decreed His conception and therefore He is the father of Jesus. Jesus is the Son of God. At the baptism of Jesus in the river Jordan by John the Baptist, Jesus experiences the confirmation of this fact when a voice from heaven announces: ‘and behold, a voice out of the heavens said, ‘This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased.’

Does then the message of surah 5 verse 17 mean that the angels committed blasphemy?

Jesus is described in the Gospel of Luke chapter 4 verse 1 as the One ‘full of the Holy Spirit.’ This is the same Holy Spirit that descended on Jesus at His baptism in the Gospel of Luke 3 verses 21 – 22 and a voice spoke from heaven ‘Thou Art My beloved Son in whom I am well-pleased.’ The Holy Spirit descended on Jesus in the form of a dove.

Jesus asked Simon Peter His disciple in the Gospel of Mark 8 verse 29, ‘Who do men say that I am? ’ ‘Thou art the Christ’ was his answer. ‘Christ’ means ‘Messiah’, the anointed One.

After Jesus walked on the water to the disciples who were in a boat in a storm on Lake Galilee, Peter tried to walk to Jesus on the water also, but eventually sank. Jesus picked Peter up and calmed the storm. The disciples then exclaimed ‘You really are the Son of God.’

In the Gospel of Matthew 26 verses 61 – 64 it is recorded that at the trial of Jesus, the High priest stood up and said to Jesus, ‘Well aren’t you going to answer these charges? What have you to say for yourself?’ But Jesus remained silent. Then the High Priest said to him, ‘I demand in the name of the living God – tell us if you are the Messiah the Son of God.’ Jesus replied, ‘You have said it. And in the future you will see the Son of man seated in the place of power at God’s right hand coming in the clouds of heaven.’ Jesus confirmed that He was the Son of God and would be seated eternally at the right hand of God in Heaven. By His own testimony Jesus was more than a prophet. Surah 3 ayah 45 states the Jesus is the one nearest to Allâh. Surely being at the right hand of God/Allâh is the one nearest to God/Allâh?

In the record of the Gospel of Mark 14 verses 61 – 65, it records that at Jesus’ trial the high priest asked Jesus: ‘Are you the Christ the Son of the Blessed One?’ And Jesus confirmed what the priest said by saying ‘I am.’ The high priest tore his clothes and accused Jesus of blasphemy.

In the Gospel of Luke chapter 8 and verses 26-29 it is recorded that the demons in the possessed man in Gerasenes, across from Lake Galilee, screamed when he saw Jesus, ‘Why are you interfering with me, Jesus the Son of the Most High God? Please I beg you don’t torture me!’ For Jesus had already commanded the evil spirit to come out of him.

In the Gospel of John chapter 6 verses 66- 69 it is written: At this point many of his disciples turned away and deserted him. Then Jesus turned to the twelve and asked, ‘Are you going to leave?’ Simon Peter replied, ‘Lord, to whom would we go? You have the words that give eternal life. We believe and we know that you are the Holy One of God.’