33. Did Isa do miracles?

Yes, Isa (Jesus) did many, many miracles too numerous to list in this book. He healed a leper (Matthew 8:2- 4); a paralysed servant of a Roman Centurion (Matthew 8:5- 13); Peter’s mother in law who had a fever (Matthew 8: 14-15); delivered demonically controlled people (Matthew 8:16, 28-34). He calmed the storm on the lake (Matthew 8:23-27). He also raised the dead: Jairus’ daughter’ in Matthew 9 verses 23 – 26, and Lazarus in John 11 verses 1- 46. He fed the five thousand in Matthew 14 verses 15-21.

The Qur’an records many of the miracles of Jesus and adds one that He reportedly did in His childhood when He made birds of clay and breathed into them and they came alive and flew. This event in Jesus’ childhood is also recorded in the Gospel of Thomas which was not admitted into the Canon of the Bible. Other miracles of Isa recorded in the Qur’an that are very similar to those in the Gospels (Injeel) are: healing the blind and lepers; raising the dead; prophetic knowledge about what they stored in their houses; and a table set with food sent down from heaven.