103. Is God unlimited in His power?

The Bible reveals to us in Revelation 19 verse 6 that God is omnipotent (all powerful). In this same Book of the Revelation of the Spirit of God to the Apostle John, it states nine times that God is ‘Almighty’. In Revelation 1 verse 6 it states: ‘to him belongs all glory and dominion for ever and ever’ (KJV). The Book of Revelation also attributes ‘all glory’ to God fourteen times in the text. There is one way in the Biblical revelation of God that teaches us that God has restricted himself – He has declared that He will not sin. Thank God for that. God is Holy and without blemish, and completely trustworthy and truthful.

In the Qur’an it clearly states in Surah 67 Al Mulk ayat 1- 5: ‘Blessed be He in whose hands is dominion and he over all things has power, he who created death and life that he may try which of you is best in deed and He is the exalted in Might and oft-forgiving. He who created the seven heavens, one above another: No want of proportion will you see in the Creation of Allâh the Most gracious. So turn thy vision again: See you any flaw? Again turn your vision a second time: Your vision will come back to you dull and discomforted in a state worn out. And We have from old adorned the lowest heaven with Lamps and We have made such Lamps as missiles to drive away Evil Ones and prepared for them the Penalty of the Blazing Fire.’

Allâh is the creator of all things in Surah 35 Fatir ayat 1-2: ‘Praise be to Allâh who created you out of nothing even the heavens and the earth. Who made the angels, messengers with wings, two three or four he adds to His Creation as He pleases: for Allâh has power over all things. What Allâh out of His Mercy does bestow on Mankind, there is none can withhold: What he doth withhold, there is none can grant apart from Him: and He is the exalted in power and full of Wisdom.’ Muslims often mention that to limit Allâh in anything is to deny His essence. Therefore, Allâh is able to do anything.