65. What is the relationship between faith and miracles?

Jesus taught us that our faith is not necessarily essential to perform miracles. He raised Lazarus, a man who had been dead for four days. Lazarus was dead so he had no faith. Refer to John 11 v 1 – 45. Jesus referred to some people who have little faith like a mustard seed; read Matt 17 v 20. In Luke 7 v 9 Jesus commended a Roman Captain for having great faith. This Captain believed his servant boy back home at his house would be healed based on Jesus distant command, without having to see the evidence; read Luke 7 v 1 – 10. Bartimaeus was a blind man who shouted out to Jesus. Jesus asked him what he wanted. He said he wanted to see. Jesus said to him, “your faith has healed you.” Peter had little faith but he walked on water; read Matt 14 v 25 – 34. Whatever faith we have, when we give it to God He can perform a miracle. This is a principle that God wants us to use throughout our life. Whether we have the widow’s last coin or great faith like the Roman Captain, when we give all we have to God He will do something miraculous with it. After all, He is the God of creation. He spoke the Word and the worlds came into being. However, there are times when God does a miracle we do not expect just because of His amazing grace, demonstrating His power so we will glorify Him.

The word faith in Arabic is Iman, and not to be confused with Imam meaning a leader in a Mosque. The Qur’an commends people of faith. Strong faith is a quality to be admired by Muslims. Every Muslim mother prays that her son will have strong faith and become an Imam one day. Mothers discipline their sons to pray five times a day to ensure they will grow up to be men of faith. On the Night of Power in Ramadan, Muslims are instructed to believe Allâh that He will graciously do miracles according to the petitions faithful Muslims who have kept to their fasting diligently.