5. If everyone is born a Muslim, why do some parents take their children away from the true way?

To understand this statement we need to understand what the word Muslim means. It literally means ‘surrendered to God.’ Every one of us, Muslim, Christian, and Jew receives our life from God and in that sense we are surrendered to God or at least dependent on Him. He is the One who gave us life and the One who takes away our breath at the end of our life. Christians believe that every child that is born is covered by their parents’ faith until they reach the age of accountability when they are free to make their own decision to follow God and accept Christ’s free gift of forgiveness and salvation. Christian parents want to see their children follow God and have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. To force a child to believe is not conducive to voluntary submission. The child needs to make their own decision when they are of the age to do so. The parents have the responsibility to train the child to know God and be able to make the right decisions. The Bible teaches parents in Proverbs 22 verse 6 to ‘direct your children onto the right path and when they are older they will not leave it.’

Muslim parents want their children to believe in Allâh, and they teach them the ways of Allâh from an early age. At birth they whisper the ‘shahadah’ or creed into the baby’s ear to ensure they will always say their prayers. They do not want their children to choose another religion, and if they did make that mistake they would warn them. If they did not heed the parents warning, they would punish their children severely, and in some circumstances execute them, in case they would lead other weak Muslims astray. This is recorded in hadith of Ibn Abbas who narrated the prophet of Islâm said: ‘Whoever changes his religion, kill him.’(Sahih Al Bukhari). Surah 109 Al Kafirun is written specifically for those who reject faith. Then in the hadith by Abu Dawood (459) and Ahmad (6650) narrated from Amr ibn Shu’ayb from his father that his grandfather said: The Prophet of Islâm said: ‘Teach your children to pray when they are seven years old, and smack them (lightly) if they do not pray when they are ten years old, and separate them in their beds.’ Classified as saheeh by al-Albaani in al-Irwa (247). Muhammed asked Muslim parents to beat their children if they didn’t pray once they were over ten years old. Muslim parents are required to use coercion to ensure their children submit to Allâh.

Other Muslims argue that the Qur’an, surah 2 Al Baqarah, ayah 256 also states that ‘There is no compulsion in religion.’ However, no Muslim parent wants to see their child turn away from their faith. If a child rejected Islâm, it would bring shame on their family and their community.