54. Is the Holy Spirit a person or a powerful force?

According to Christians, the Holy Spirit dwelt in the Disciples, and according to them the Holy Spirit is something experienced by all of the Prophets. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity or Triune God who is One. The Holy Spirit does the work of convicting a person of sin and their need for repentance. The Holy Spirit causes anyone to be born again who invites Jesus into their lives. The Holy Spirit changes the inner nature of the repentant person and gives them power to live a life of holiness following Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit gives gifts to the disciples of Jesus Christ and empowers them to do the work of the kingdom of God, such as witnessing, preaching, healing the sick, making the blind to see and other miracles. The Holy Spirit helps the followers of Jesus Christ to worship God in Spirit and in truth. The Holy Spirit also manifests His fruit in the lives of believers. These fruit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, self-control, and faithfulness. The Bible teaches Christians that they cannot be followers of Jesus Christ without the power of the Holy Spirit at work in and through them.

The Qur’an states in Surah al-Ma’idah 5 ayah 110 that Allâh supported the Messiah with the Roh al Qudus (Holy Spirit). In al-Baqarah Allâh says: ‘And We gave Isa (Jesus), the son of Maryam (Mary), clear signs and supported him with Roh-al-Qudus. In Al Baqarah 2:87: ‘Those Messengers! We preferred some of them to others; to some of them Allâh spoke (directly); others He raised to degrees (of honour); and to Isa (Jesus), the son of Maryam (Mary): We gave clear proofs and evidences, and supported him with Roh al Qudus (Gabriel).’ In Al Baqarah 2:253: ‘Those messengers we endowed with gifts, some above others, To one of them Allâh spoke, others he raised to degrees of honour. To Jesus the son of Mary, We gave clear signs and strengthened him with the Holy Spirit.’ This giving of the Holy Spirit is not limited only to the Messiah; others were also supported in this way. The scholars mentioned that Dawood (King David) said, ‘Do not stop supporting me with Roh Al Qudus.’ And our Prophet said to Hassaan ibn Thaabit, ‘O Allâh, support him with Roh Al Qudus.’ According to another report: ‘Roh al Qudus will be with you so long as you are defending His Prophet.’ Both versions are narrated in al- Saheeh.

So according to Islâm, the Holy Spirit brought down the Qur’an to the prophet Muhammad, and the Holy Spirit is none other than the angel Gabriel.

Allâh mentions how He blessed His servant and Messenger, `Isa, son of Maryam, and the miracles and extraordinary acts He granted him. Allâh said, [ ذكر نعمتى عليك ]. Remember My favour to you when I created you from your mother, without male intervention, and made you a sign and clear proof of My perfect power over all things. [ وعلى ولدتك ] (And to your mother) when I made you testify to her chastity and you thus absolved her from the sin that the unjust, ignorant liars accused her of, [ إذ أيدتك بروح القدس ] . When I supported you with Roh Al Qudus the angel Gabriel, and made you a Prophet, calling to Allâh in the cradle and manhood. I made you speak in the cradle, and you testified that your mother was free from any immoral behaviour, and you proclaimed that you worship Me. You also conveyed the news of My Message and invited them to worship Me.’