62. Why is Abraham an example of strong faith?

Abraham set a marvellous example for us of strong faith in Genesis 22 verses 1-18. Allâh asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac on Mount Moriah. Abraham had waited 100 years for his son, Isaac, to be born. This son was very precious to him. Abraham carried out Allâh’s instructions exactly. But just at the last moment before Abraham was about to kill his son, Allâh called out from heaven and instructed Abraham to save his son and to kill the ram struggling in the thorn bush close by. Abraham called the name of the place, ‘The Lord will Provide.’ Allâh provided a replacement sacrifice for Abraham. Isaac was spared. Allâh saw that Abraham was prepared to obey Him even if it meant slaying the person most precious to him.

Islâm teaches that Abraham was a Muslim because he was prepared to submit to Allâh in all things. The story of Abraham’s attempted sacrifice of Isaac is told in Al Saffat surah 37 ayat 99-113. Ayat 112- 113 states that as a result of obedience Allâh blessed Isaac and he became a prophet of righteousness.